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The World Label Awards (WLA) annual competition is moving into its 25th year in 2016 and continues to attract very high class entries from around the world. The nine participating associations are: TLMI (USA),JFLP (Japan), FINAT (Europe), LATMA (Australia), SALMA (New Zealand, PEIAC (China), ABIEA (Brazil), LMAI (India) and for the first year AMETIQ (Mexico).

Entries for the WLA competition must have won an award or be endorsed by the local national association before being submitted by the individual association. Individual printers cannot enter directly. More about us

Ron Spring - A personal Tribute

Mention labels around the world and the name Ron Spring will certainly appear in the conversation at some point even though he retired from the industry more than ten years ago. In order to do justice to Ron´s involvement in the label industry one would have to write pages and pages listing all that he achieved whilst involved with an industry he loved. Instead I want to approach this tribute to Ron from a personal point of view and concentrate on the past twenty years or so that I have known him. Ron was a consummate gentleman always polite but also firm in his views on many issues.Read more

Best of the Best Awards 2015

This is now the third time that the five Best of the Best awards have been judged. The five awards represent the best labels entered in the current competition from the following printing groups:

Flexographic Printing
Offset litho Printing
Combination Printing
Letterpress Printing
Digital Printing

The winners were selected from the class winners of the WLA competition held this year just before LabelExpo Europe, Brussels.Read more

Progress 2015— 2016

The World Label Awards is recognised as the worldwide label competition to win within the international label industry. The awards are seen by many major brand owners as indicating that a particular printer has achieved a very high standard of work. The WLA awards are recognised by many industries which the label industry serves e.g. wines, food, pharmaceutical and automotive to name just a few.

The Mexican Label Association AMETIQ held their first national label competition early in 2015 and briefly joined the L9 judging panel in Brussels. It is hoped that they will be able to become more involved in the 2016 WLA L9 competition which will be judged in Chicago next September.


Chinese label market settles into 'new normal' economy

Kevin Liu outlines key trends in the Chinese label market
From data provided by Chinese label association PEIAC, the gross output value of the Chinese label industry in 2014 was 5.2 billion I-ISD, a 10 percent increase from the previous year. Compared with growth rates of 15 percent several years before, this represents a historical slow down, but the overall figures still show that between 2009 and 2014 the total volume of label consumption more than doubled According to AWA data, the total Chinese label printing market now accounts for 55 percent of the total Asia market. this and other industry articles can be accessed online at Label and Labeling Yearbook & Directory 2016